FarmLinkr Visits Denbigh 2017 to Promote its Online Platform

FarmLinkr visited the 2017 Annual Denbigh Agricultural Show August 5-7th in Jamaica, to officially promote the platform to farmers and other key stakeholders in the sector. The Show was a success for the company as there was increased awareness to farmers, members of the Ministry of Agriculture and  the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), that works directly with all registered farmers in the country.

A keen interest was expressed especially by young farmers, many of whom registered on the platform. The other stakeholders such as from the Ministry and RADA, expressed a desire to collaborate and spread the word across the country.

The success achieved would not have been possible without the hard work of the team over the three days. The team was comprised of CEO and Founder, Ms Shelly Heaven and CASE (College of Agricultural Science and Education) students Mr Theodore Martin and Mr Mario Douglas; all of whom worked tirelessly across the three days to spread the word and register farmers on the platform.

FarmLinkr:, is a global online marketplace for buying and selling fresh farm produce from local farmers. The platform is brand new and is currently in the process of working with farmers to get their online stores up and running post Denbigh. If you have an interest in purchasing specific fresh produce items, you may contact us.

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